Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heat and Spurs face off: A match up or a rematch?

Heat and Spurs once again faced each other on their last game at AmericanAirlines Arena. As expected, Miami Heat beat San Antonio Spurs this time easily.

Based on Reuters article about an interview with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, the coach said that it’s a different game from the game that they had last year when they won the back-to-back NBA championship title.

Despite having several issues in the team, most notable is the injury that Dwayne Wade had. Miami also improved their home record to 19-3.

Lebron James said that the arrival of the Spurs in Miami brought back the memories from their last game which the Heat won the NBA title. He also added that he was happy he became part of the NBA Finals which according to worldwide viewers that it’s the greatest NBA Finals they have ever seen.

Their game last Sunday, all 15 players are present and played with a lead of 8-points in the first two minutes. They also had the 72-percentage shot in the first quarter and ended the game 91-71 points lead by Miami Heat.

Additional Info:

Ray Allen had his greatest shot of his career. Last year, Allen had a remarkable shot that made the Miami Heat take home the Game Six of the NBA Finals. Ray Allen is one of the clients of sports and entertainment agency known as Tandem Sports and Entertainment located at Arlington, Virginia and established by Jim Tanner.

Author's Words:

The recent game by Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs is not a rematch or match up. Heat and Spurs did their best to give the game the viewers wanted to see. San Antonio Spurs might lose in this game, but I’m sure they will learn something from this game. They will learn new tactics on improving their defense and strategies. Despite what Miami Heat experienced the past game, they showed us that they are resilient on the injuries and any other issue. They proved that it is not about a man playing for the team but a team that knows what a real teamwork means.

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